Computer and Information Technology Center

Computer center tasks

  • Purchasing and updating required software packages
  • Managing tasks related to upgrading servers, client computers and other network devices
  • Performing activities related to client computer maintenance and repair 
  • Programming and automating administrative tasks
  • Providing access to network, Internet and e-mail to the clients
  • Consultation and cooperation in running Aerospace Research Institute projects
  • Providing Security for the network and computer systems

Computer and Information Technology Center of Aerospace Research Institute consists of 180 workstations and 14 powerful servers connected to each other through the internal network (LAN). The internet connection is supported wirelessly via radio, so that users can use our services all around the offices. The center is equipped with firewall, strong antivirus and antispyware that guarantee network security. The computer center has designed, developed and run in-house project control software. Administrative automation system has also been installed to improve and expedite work of the Secretariat. Hardware and software support for different offices and departments of the research institute such as finance, administration, postgraduate department, telephone system, parallel computers, libraries, and laboratories are other activities of the center where each one is equipped with their own server and specialized software.


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