Duties of the President

1. To coordinate The Board of Trustees meetings, meetings of Research Council, The Board of Directors and to pursue meetings minutes

3. Collection, preparation and reporting activities of the Aerospace Research Institute and publishing them in the mass media

4. To take the necessary measures to hold seminars, scientific meetings and conferences in order to fulfill the goals and missions of the institute 

5. Holding specialized exhibitions and coordination for the participation of subordinate units in the exhibitions related to tasks and missions of the research institute 

6. Participation in preparation, filing, and publishing books, magazines, scientific and research achievements of the institute 

7. To write reports on meetings, trips, visits and submitting the approvals 

15. Planning, coordination and execution of rituals related to religious and national occasions as well as cultural activities aimed at preserving peripheral value of the research institute 

16. Documentation of the events of the research institute and provision of audio-visual services

17. To coordinate conferences, meetings, and seminars and holding exhibitions to introduce and provide products and services of the research institute at national and provincial levels


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