Aerospace think, forethought and strategic center

1. Conducting specialized studies in order to make decisions, plans, and operational programs.

2. Review of the policies, objectives, and the strategies of the global developments in aerospace 

3. Setting up the study groups

4. Analyzing the functions and the results of the research center activities

5. Presenting executive strategies and solutions for the development and promotion of applied fundamental researches in the center

6. Generating new ideas, and discussion about the development of aerospace science and technology

7. Taking advantage of the knowledge of researchers and thinkers in the aerospace industry

8. Taking advantage of experiences and achievements gained in the forethought centers in other countries

9. Proposing strategies for localization & institutionalization of technology and keep it up to date and analyze the intended subjects in the international assemblies

10. Creating an atmosphere for negotiation through forming conferences and meetings in cooperation with Iranian and foreign experts

11. Proposing scientific solutions towards close cooperation with aerospace centers and organizations in other countries

12. Offering executive procedures for the development and equipping of the research sources relying on virtual research resources to reach the optimal level of advanced countries 

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