Objectives, Tasks & Missions


  1. Development  and expansion of  the research in the aerospace arena and directs them in line with national interests ;
  2. Preparation of appropriate field to promote relevant  research activities
  3. Scientific and research development for survival and advancement in the age of information, knowledge and space travels;
  4. To Play an active and effective role in human knowledge expansion and research development in the field of aerospace sciences and technologies;
  5. Establishing and creating suitable ground to promote research and entrepreneurship activities in aerospace arena.


Tasks & Powers

  1. Investigating and identifying  research needs in the field of aerospace technologies 
  2. Implementation of fundamental, applied and developmental research plans in order to realize the research institute objectives;
  3. Providing  the required facilities and appropriate research activities;
  4. Research collaboration with universities, domestic & foreign research and  higher education institutions in order to improve the research activities quality in the field of accession  to the latest achievements in aerospace technology;
  5. Publishing the magazine, scientific books, educational leaflets, production of computer programs and soft ware in accordance with research institute objectives.
  6. Holding scientific conferences and presenting research achievements in the form of educational workshops
  7. Identification and introduction of aerospace technologies and collaboration with research organizations, institutions and institutes in order to access the aerospace-related latest research achievements;
  8. Assistance in R&D at the national level as well as scientific researches expansion in the field of aerospace in non-defensive sector;
  9. The absorption and localization of aerospace technologies.


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