Scientific Cooperation & International Affairs For Aerospace Research Institute

Tasks and objectives of management of scientific cooperation and International affairs

 Office for scientific cooperation and international affairs of Aerospace Research Institute is one of the headquarters of the Manager of the Institute. The main mission of the office for Scientific Cooperation and International Affairs is to create and deepen the scientific, research and executive relationship between the Research Center and other educational, research, and technological centers at home and abroad in the field of aerospace and related topics within the framework of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In this regard, the tasks of the management are as follows: 

1. Membership and active participation in space centers and executive entities inside and outside the country including:

  • Tracking research institute membership at international accredited assemblies, important national and international conferences, meetings and exhibitions 
  • Facilitating participation in international activities and projects in space science and technology including education, research, development and utilization
  • Identifying, acquiring and protecting international rights and interests in the arena of peaceful space activities 
  • Active participation in international scientific activities and executive actions under the supervision of the United Nations and other international and regional organizations

2. Tracking and facilitating domestic and foreign exchanges (attracting domestic and foreign investment for the development of space science and technology, conducting joint international research through the development of research backgrounds with international approach 

3. Expanding relations of the research institute and foreign scientific-research centers, introducing the research institute and identifying important and valid scientific and research centers of the world in the field of aerospace, concluding scientific, educational and research agreements with foreign centers and institutes, developing international relations with approach of Muslim and neighboring countries, the memorandum of understanding for the organization of international seminars and mutual study opportunities, cooperation in the exchange of professors ,researchers and students with foreign scientific research institutes ,facilitating joint projects between research centers and research centers abroad, as well as Iranian cultivated abroad. 

4. Trying to join to international space programs and treaties and enhancing international cooperation in exploration and utilization of outer space

5. Introducing and pursuing studies that are able to solve basic national and international problems especially in the field of aerospace technology applications 

6. Indigenous technology development using national and international science and technology

7. Reducing the cost of accessing space systems through the development of international cooperation

8. Increasing participation and collaboration with domestic industries and educational and research centers to optimize efficient use of resources within the country

9. Commercial use of space technology for peaceful purposes through the private sector or cooperation with the private sector of other countries

10. Developing research institute relations with scientific-research centers and institutions within the country, signing a memorandum of cooperation and pursuing the field of management-research cooperation, shared or non-shared plans and projects, participation in holding conferences, lectures, training courses, and exchanging students and faculty members

11. Notifying international opportunities (announcement about training courses, research prizes, scholarships to continue education, international and scientific conferences for the use of faculty members and students

Activities in management field of scientific cooperation and international affairs in Aerospace Research Institute

By participating in 18 international conferences, 4 training courses, a sabbatical, an international cooperation in the form of Jundishapur research project, four international negotiations and membership in the International Astronautics Federation, Aerospace Research Institute has taken a major step in expanding its scientific and international cooperation. For further explanation, some of the above-mentioned points will be referred to.

- Membership in the International Astronautics Federation (IAF)

Aerospace Research Institute has been a member of the International Astronautics Federation since 2001 and renews its membership every year in the federation. This federation holds International Astronomical Congress every year in one of the countries of the world. The Federation is the venue for the global gathering of global space experts which seeks to promote space activities through information and international cooperation, promotion of information exchange in the development of space activities, and enhancement of space use to improve the human living standards. 

-Fulfilling Research Course at the Computer Research Institute of Toulouse, France

The Center of International Cooperation and Studies (under the coverage of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology) is the principal of the Jundishapur Research Initiative Project. The program aims to promote advanced scientific and technical cooperation between Iran and French researchers.

The research institute made a contract in 2005 with the Computer Research Institute of Toulouse, France in the form of Jundishapur program to cooperate in the project of "Design and construction of virtual reality simulator for the treatment of phobic anxiety disorders of airline passengers". In 2007, a three-person team from Aerospace Research Institute was sent to Computer Research Center in Toulouse, France. After two months of stay, the team conducted research into how to create a virtual reality environment in general and the required conditions particularly for the treatment of phobic anxiety disorders of airline passengers. The results of the research which included the software of virtual reality and related methods were transferred to Iran.


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