ARI has conducted 19 industrial research plans, including: 

•Designing, manufacturing and launching four generations of space sounding rockets (eight sounding payloads)

•Manufacturing and testing  the cold gas propulsion system

•Identification of standards used in the designing, manufacturing and testing of space equipments

•Designing and manufacturing the fixed flight simulator for “Iran-140” airliner

•Codification of the  national comprehensive document for aerospace development

•Designing and construction of  the microgravity simulator

•Conceptual design of an orbiting spacecraft carrying the living organism

Furthermore, more than 500 completed and 156 ongoing research projects are being carried out currently, entitled:

•Designing, construction and testing the first generation of suborbital manned spacecraft.

•Telemetry conceptual design for the altitude of 250 km

•Designing, manufacturing and  testing  the recovery system for a 500 kg payload.

•Dynamic analysis of the astronaut’s Body for suborbital spaceflights

•Feasibility study of the attitude control system for sounding rockets


•Designing, manufacturing and testing “the moving- mass control actuator”


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