Call for Proposals for Joint International Research and Development Projects


With the aim of upgrading international cooperations, ARI has started to support international research projects incorporating international scientists, researchers, and university professors, in the form of bilateral or multilateral cooperations.

Procedures and Requirements for Submission of Proposals:

  1. The subject of proposals has to be in the field of development or civil applications of aerospace science, engineering, and technology.
  2. At least one ARI faculty member must be involved in each project.
  3. In 2018, depending on the level of innovations and the importance of the application, a financial support of up to € 35000 will be granted.
  4. The research project should be innovative and addresses applied problems.
  5. At least assistant professorship is required for our international collaborators.
  6. International collaborator needs to be a faculty member of a university among top 500 universities (according to QS global world ranking-2017) or to be a faculty member of one of the world's famous research institutes.
  7. The project must be completed in 12 months (or less).

 Please submit your proposal in English according to the assigned template via our email address below.  You can contact ARI research and technology management office for any further questions:

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The deadline for submission is 20 may, 2018.



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