Extractor Grid Effects on Beam Characteristics of Dual-Stage Ion Thruster

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High thrust density per thruster area is the most desired achievement in current ion thruster designs. Dual-stage ion thruster concept is introduced to improve the ion beam focusing capability of single stage thrusters in order to maximize the achievable thrust density for a fixed thruster area. In this study, a two-grid ion thruster is converted to a dual-stage one by adding an extractor grid. Then, improvement of ion beam divergence characteristic is numerically investigated through parametric study of extractor grid’s geometrical and operational variables by a hybrid-particle-in-cell (PIC) method. The sensitivity analysis shows that the beam divergence angle is very sensitive to acceleration-to-extraction voltage difference ratio. The effect of acceleration-to-extraction grid gap ratio is also significant. The initial dual-stage model is modified based on this results. The minimum divergence angle for the modified model is about 3.38 degrees resulting in 70 and 60 percent improvement against the minimum divergence angle of the two-grid single-stage and the initial dual-stage numerical models, respectively.




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