Mohammad Ali Farsi

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Associate Professor

Ph.D.  in Mechanical Engineering Department Amirkabir University of Technology Tehran, Iran



M.Sc.  in Manufacturing Engineering Amirkabir university of technology Tehran, Iran



B.Sc. in manufacturing Engineering AmirKabir university of technology Tehran, Iran

Senior project: 



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Research Interests 


• Reliability- (Reliability based design, Reliability Assessment, Optimization)

• System Engineering

• Structure Analysis

• Safety analysis




 Journal Papers:

1. M A Farsi, Reliability Assessment of Separation System Via Fmea and Rbd. Journal of Space and Science, 2014.

2. Farsi, Nadjafi, Reliability Estimation of Multi-State System Based On Fault Tree Analysis, Mechanical Engineering Journal, Yarbiat Modarres University, 2015.

3. Experimental And Multi-Scale Analyses of Open-Celled Aluminum Foam With Hole Under Compressive Quasi-Static Loading, Journal Of Alloys And Compounds, 2017.

4. Ma Farsi, H. G. Jigh, Reliability Analysis of Composite Using Form, Journal of Mechanics and Aerospace, 2013.

5. Frasi, Develop A New Method to Reliability Determination of a Solar Array Mechanism Via Universal Generating Function, Ksme Journal, 2017

6. Reliability Analysis of Multi-State Emergency Detection System Using Simulation Approach Based On Fuzzy Failure Rate, International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management,2017

7. An Automated Nesting And Piloting System In Progressive Dies Using Fuzzy Rules, Mohammad Moghaddam, Mohamad Ali Farsi,Mohammad Reza, Soleymani, Mohammad Anoushe, Int. Manf. Journal, 2014

8. M.A.Farsi, Et Al. Development Of A New Method To Determine Bending Sequence in Progressive Dies.  Int J Adv Manuf Technology, 2008.




1. Principle of reliability engineering -in Persian

2. Editor of the Proceeding of the Reli2011 conference, Iran


 Book Chapters:


 Conference Papers:

1. R. Gorgin, Ma Farsi Et Al. Reliability Determination of a Separation System of a Sounding Rock Using Montcarlo Theory, Qrsme, Xian, China, 2011.

2. R. Gorgin, Ma Farsi Et Al, Analysis of a Complex System Using Risk Theory, 2nd Iranian Conference On Reliability Engineering, 2011.

3. M A Farsi, B. Jahromi, Reliability Allocation of a Complex System by Genetic Algorithm Method, Qr2sme 2012.

4. M A Frsi, N. Karimi, B. Bakhtiari, Assessement of Solar Panel Using Fta, International Mechanical Engineering Conference, Isfahan,2012.

5. M A Farsi, Development A New Algorithm for Optimal Multi-Level Redundancy Allocation, Esrel2014, Poland.

6. M. Nadjafi & M.A. Farsi, A. Nadjafi, Uncertainty Improving in Importance Sampling: An Integrated Approach with Fuzzy-Cluster Sampling, Esrel2014, Poland.

7. M. Noori, Ma Saniee, Ma Farsi, Analysis Reliability of Multi State System Via Ugf, International Industrial Eng., Tehran, 2014.

8. Farsi, Samimi, Optimal Test Plan For a one Shot System, Irec2016 Conference


9. Farsi, Samimi, Optimal Reliability Allocation Based on Confidence Level, Isme Conference, 2015.



Teaching Experiences


Post Graduate: Principle of Reliability Engineering, Advanced Reliability, Advanced FEM, System Engineering, Safety and system monitoring



Research Supervision


Supervisor of more than 20 students at B.S 

Supervisor of 10 MSc Thesis 

Supervisor of 3 PHD Thesis (Reliability, system engineering and structure analysis). 




Professional Experiences



Scientific committee chairman, Reli2011 Conference, 2011, Iran

Member of scientific committee, International conference on Reliability, Risk, safety and maintenance 2012, China

Member of scientific committee, Iranian aerospace conferences (2009-2016)

Member of scientific committee, 3th international conference on reliability, Tehran,2014

Member of scientific committee, International conference on mechanical engineering, Hong-Kong,2013

Member of scientific committee, International conference on reliability and safety, ESREL2014, Poland

Keynote speaker at International conference on Reliability engineering, Tabriz, Iran, 2016

Keynote speaker at reliability forum, Tehran university, 2016

Reviwer of international journals (Imeche-part b, Emerald reliability journal,JAST, JSST,KJMEST,…)

Execusive vice president of ARI, Feb.2015 to now.



Distinguished Researcher by IRI President Rohani, 2014

Distinguished Researcher by IRI President Ahmadi nejad, 2013

First ranking of Khwarizmi International Award, 2013

Distinguished Researcher in ARI, 2012,2013 

Third ranking of Khwarizmi International Award, 2011

Top Research student (PhD) in Mech. Eng. Department.2006-2008

11th ranking in Iranian universities entrance exam for MSc. – 1999




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